Friday, April 27, 2007

A Little of This, A Little of That

Friday. Nothing like the last day of the work week. It doesn't matter that my workday's not going to start until 5:00PM - I don't care about that. Just the fact that when I get out at 7:00 tomorrow morning is enough to make me happy. I will be free of the surly bonds of labor for just about 36 hours before I have to go back. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I will have most of the weekend free, and with any luck I won't have to work too hard tonight.

Crummy weather outside my window. It's approximately 46 degrees F, and by the looks of things we had a little bit of rain here overnight and this morning. I can live with the rain, as long as it's in small amounts. Last week we got deluged with rain and flooding. Second time in two years this area got hammered. In Goffstown, where I live, one of the neighborhoods, The Parks, sits on the Piscataquog River - one of the only rivers I know of that runs north and east, into the Merrimack - and the homes down on the river sit in an area that is pretty flat, almost a floodplain. Many of the property owners down there had to have all kinds of work done after the last time this happened to get their homes on higher ground. Some didn't get to it yet, and their houses got hit a second time with flood water. Terrible, even worse than the last time, according to some of the reports that have been published. I know my friends on the Fire Department had their hands full doing rescues. I went back to work part-time for the Fire Department recently, doing strictly EMS, and during that evolution of stuff I didn't go on any medical calls down there. It doesn't mean there were none; I personally am unaware of any medical emergencies in that part of town. I just know that a number of people refused to leave their homes and had to be gotten out by boat. It was crazy.

Since I've been working back in Goffstown (my third employer concurrent employer) I've worked a number of shifts. I like being back in town working in an area that I know well. I still work full-time for the Rock as well as for Tri-Town, but this is different. For one thing, it's not nearly as busy. Sure, there is some call volume, but it isn't merciless. Working in the city can be brutal at times, not just with the volume, but also with the kinds of calls. They range from ridiculous to tragic. I guess that I can consider myself to be fortunate in where I work because I get to see a lot of different things. I can say truthfully that I am never bored, and I get to occasionally do some good. And you can't beat that.

Racing season starts in about a month. I received a call from the nurse I work for down at the track looking for availability for May qualifiers. It should be a good time; I really enjoy working down there for a number of reasons. First, I guess, is that I love to watch the racing. It's all harness racing, no thoroughbreds. The race bikes add another element of something that could go terribly wrong. It's happened, too - last season we had a driver get thrown from a bike and end up with a fractured pelvis for his trouble. That just makes things more interesting, in my view. The best part of working there is the varienty of personalities one can encounter there. I've met more types of people in that place, and it makes for a good environment to study human nature. Not just patrons, but the employees, drivers, track hands.... All very interesting. The person I work for down there is wonderful - Cynthia is old enough to be my Mom, but that's okay. She treats us all really well, she's concerned about us all, and she gives me enough rope to hang myself with.... :-) Seriously, she put me in charge of the EMS crews, and the fact that she trusts me with that responsiblity makes me feel worthy.

I have to head down to my Mom's before I go to work today. She ended up getting sick, and she was diagnosed with pneumonia in the base of her left lung. Both my brother and my older sister called me to keep me posted as to what's been going on. I promised to check on her today, and that's where I'm off to next.

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