Monday, April 30, 2007

Working Overnight (And Staying Awake to Talk About It)

Here it is, 2:00AM, and I am still up and about. At least for now. I've been on since 5:00PM Sunday and we've done 3 calls, two of them at least somewhat noteworthy. Both sick people, one with a high fever, and the other with post-pneumonia complications. The other call was a two-care accident early in the shift with no injuries but lots of paperwork. We also were rotated into covering an event that is an annual occurrence by our parent company. St. Joseph Community Services (SJCS) sponsors a ballroom event annually, which includes dinner and dancing. Pretty interesting in its own right mainly because the reason we get to rotate in is just in case one of the attendees over the age of 60 falls and fractures a hip. That hasn't happened in the two years I've been assigned to this detail, although I'm sure it could happen at some point. The reason I like to go is that I get fed for free (me and my mercenery mind.....). This year it was chicken-something, with rice and veggies. It was actually pretty good, all things considered.

Yesterday my wife turned 50. That's right, the big Five-O. And she is still amazing. You would never know in looking at her that she is 50 - she is beautiful, and smart, and a wonderful person. What makes her most special is that she has put up with me for the past 5 years. I've always said that she loves me in spite of myself, and I believe that to be equally true today as much as it was at the beginning of our relationship. I truly hope that when we are both old and doddering I am still worthy of the love that she freely gives to me now because it is one of the finest gifts that I have ever been given.

Even though I am awake to write, I am starting to fade. I will hopefully continue this later on with another post. In the meantime, enjoy a commercial interruption courtesy of YouTube.

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