Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Kind of an interesting concept if you think about it.... The first Monday in September is a day dedicated to the celebration of the worker. The weekend prior is the unofficial end of the summer season. Put the two together and you get a three-day weekend that most people get to enjoy. It's nice if you can get it. That said, please make the lives of those of us that are out the watching out for you - Police, Fire, EMS, and those health-care pros working in the Emergency Departments of our hospitals - as easy as possible this weekend. We'd appreciate it.

They say it is supposed to be a decent weekend, in terms of the weather. I will believe it when I see it; it is quite overcast as I write this. Rather gray skies, and I hear we are supposed to get shower activity over that greater part of the day and into the evening. It should clear out after that, though....

I just happened to look out the window of my little writer's garret, to the northeast of where I am sitting at a grouping of trees. Maples, if I'm not mistaken. The leaves on two of these trees are starting to turn. That means fall is not far away.

From today's Union Leader: Judge Patricia Coffey is in trouble. Again. She sits in Rockingham County on the Superior Court bench there, and for the second time over the past two years has had to deal with a problem related to her ability to judge. The first time was because she appeared to have trouble staying awake during court - that was decided to not be the case. This time is due to alleged impropriety with personal finances - she's accused of creating a trust to shield assets in her husband's name to keep from settling debts he's reported to have related to his own disbarment. John, her husband, had his license to practice law revoked for exploiting a client of his that suffered from dementia - he acquired a beach house belonging to this client to cover the $50,000 in outstanding legal fees.

Interesting. If she did what she's accused of doing, then she should also have her law license revoked, not to mention being removed from the bench. And at least for the time being she is; she's not going to be judging either Sheila Labarre of John Brooks, both accused of murder, and the latter being a death penalty case. In reading other reports about this in addition to the one I linked, whether or not she is guilty the press has definitely succeeded in showing Judge Coffey in a rather negative light.

For what it's worth, I'm in agreement with the press. This time.

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