Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nearing Summer's End

Where did it go? This summer went by so fast, it is as though it never happened. I'm having trouble with that, but I'll survive. Two of my kids went back to school this past week, and the third is going this coming Tuesday. Unbelievable.... Also, my work schedule this week is in a bit of an uproar, as I was asked to swap with a couple of our medics who had commitments this week. So I worked yesterday instead of today, which I'm not complaining about. I wouldn't make a habit of it as it does break up my days off, but it wasn't a bad change of pace.

Not much to talk about on the work front. Yesterday was relatively slow; we did three calls, and none of them were serious. Two of them, in fact, were non-transports, one being a refusal and the other a public assist. The one we did transport was a woman, 39 years of age, slipped and fell on a flight of stairs. She landed on her tail bone and struck the back of her head on the step she'd come from. We did need help from the Fire Department, so we got an engine company to help us with extrication off of the stair landing. Other than that, it was a rather routine call.

I don't have a problem with days like that, honestly. While it's interesting to talk about the situations we encounter daily and it is a good educational experience (for me, believe it or not as it gets me thinking about different aspects of the calls we do), it's nice to have some days where we don't really have to work that hard.

I am still preparing for the CCEMT-P course I'm going to in October. It will be a challenge; I have no doubt about that. The reading I've been doing is from one of the textbooks that is recommended reading, and it is a critical care nursing text. Very strenuous, but I'm able to work through it with not too much trouble. I'll keep plugging until it's time to go.

More later - time to get some things done....

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