Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 2: Information Overload

Today was a full day - started at 9:00 with a 3 hour OB-GYN lecture that, while extremely informative, was essentially a full-day's worth of information crammed into that 3 hour window. The nurse that gave the lecture was quite good, but she talked really fast. I have some good handouts, though, from both the morning and the afternoon. One thing I can say about the morning that was extremely interesting was that Sue Ellen, the nurse who lectured, had some photographs of the female reproductive organs, both healthy and diseased as well as those which have fetuses. It was actually rather freaky to see some of the stuff in the photos, but considering the context they were shown in, it was actually rather appropriate.

John, the program chief, did the afternoon lectures. His first one was X-Ray interpretation in critical care transport, which I thought was well-presented. The second one was essentially a review of symptoms and treatment of shock. This was a little different in that he drilled down to how micro-circulation at the cellular level is affected.

As I said, a lot of his shock presentation was a review, but it was still nice to get other information that I didn't have. Very impressive.

So far, I'm captivated by the course. It will be interesting to see how far this all goes.

Earlier this evening I had dinner with some of the same people I went out with last night. Included in this group are three women I'll call "the girls from Georgia." They are extremely funny, outgoing, and really nice, and they are all very smart. They can hold their own against the men in the class with no difficulty. Plus, we have a young woman from West Virginia, a team from Alabama, a team from New Zealand, and folks from Louisiana, Virginia, Nevada, and myself, the token Yankee. It's a really good group of 16 Paramedics in one room, and I think we're off to a good start.

Back at it for 9:00AM tomorrow.

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