Monday, October 08, 2007

Day One: Lots of Walking

I should preface this with a bit about the travel down to Augusta from Boston. The flight left Logan on time - we got off of the tarmac at exactly 1:00PM. The landing time in Charlotte was a little bit before 3:00, so it was only 2 hours in the air. Once I got there, however, I had to wait nearly 3 hours to get off the ground to go to Augusta for a 39 minute flight.

Landed here and found my baggage (surprise of surprises!). It took me some time to find a taxi to the hotel I'm staying at (the Comfort Inn Medical Center), but once I got here I was able to settle in and get some sleep.

This morning we did all of the administrative chores, including a tour of the campus and the hospital where we'll be doing the lion's share of our clinical rotations. I'll be doing rotations in the Pediatric ICU, the Surgical ICU, the Shock-Trauma unit, and the Trauma Center. I'm expecting to see some things that I don't get to see in the field. Plus, with the exception of my PICU rotation, all of the rotations I'm doing will be in the evening from 5:00PM to Midnight.

A bunch of us got together this evening for dinner and drinks. It was a lot of fun - a good bonding session. I expect that it will be a good class, and the friendships are already starting to form. A great sign.

Tomorrow's going to be when we start getting lectures. I'm actually looking forward to it, odd as that may sound.

More then.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Walt....I'm sure you'll do an awesome job down there!