Friday, January 11, 2008

A Late Start

I really had planned to write over the past week, but as always, life and work got in the way. Every shift I've worked since before the New Year has managed to put me on overtime. Not a bad thing, but there is something to be said for calls happening right before shift change.

Otherwise, so far so good. No illnesses in my family, no bad things happening to people I know and love (that I'm aware of), and so far it's an easy jog for the most part. I'm happy about that.

Recently I finished a book recommended to me by my son, "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal." We actually gave it to him for Christmas, and when he got through with it he handed it to me and told me to read it. Well, I did, and it's one of the best reads I've had in a long time. Not only is it well-written, but it's funny! If Biff were real, he's one of those people that you would either really like or really hate, and his perspective on the life of Jesus is so, for lack of a better word, human. The premise is that this is the story of Jesus' life that isn't told in the existing four gospels, mainly what happened while He was growing up. And Biff's main job is to teach Jesus (called Joshua in the book) how to be human, in his own way. Much of the story is pretty outrageous, but you can't help but laugh at the humor. And Christopher Moore, the author, has a way of making it work so it's not offensive. At least I didn't think so; your mileage may vary. It's not a "preachy" sort of tale in any way, and in the end, I came away with a real sense of understanding that I didn't have before I read it. I have to believe that it was at least indirectly inspired, because I finished it and realized that Jesus was a much more complex person than as portrayed in any of the existing scriptural accounts or scholarly texts out there.

I highly recommend it.

Study for the flight paramedic exam is a little bit stalled. I've started picking the review process back up recently, and I'm shooting for the end of February to take the exam. We'll see how it goes, but I'm determined to get it done by then. I've been picking up some teaching to go along with the work commitments I have, and that's helping to keep me busy. I really enjoy that, and I've been told I have an affinity for teaching by a number of different people. I don't necessarily see it, but I guess I'm not supposed to.

I also now have an account on Facebook; part of the reason is that some friends of mine that live in the Canadian Maritimes have an account and told me about some pictures they have posted up there. I'd like to see them, so I set the account up and am going to start cross-posting from there to here and back. More to follow.

I am so glad that the primaries are done. It was murderous trying to get around the city when the candidates and all of the stuff going on around them were here. Although I'm a little disappointed with the outcome, I'm not surprised. I, who am normally a non-declared, Republican-leaning citizen, voted Democrat for the first time in my life. The candidate I voted for has since stepped down from the campaign, but considering how things went for the front-runners, I'm not surprised he did. I really like the ideas that Bill Richardson has, which is why I voted for him. He's extremely intelligent, he's been around and has done many different things, and he's been successful. That said, he didn't stand a chance against Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. As for the Republican candidates, the only one I really like is John McCain, but I'm afraid that he's going to get steamrolled over the next few weeks. As far as the other Republican candidates are concerned, I don't like any of them. Not a one. I especially don't like Mitt Romney as I don't trust him. He is one of those people who will say whatever is necessary and do whatever he has to do to get what he wants. Because of that, I truly don't believe he has the interests of the American People in mind with his actions, and if I were to vote Republican, it would not be for him.

There are other candidates that I don't like, but I probably care the least for Mitt. I just hope he gets waffled enough in future primaries that he decides to call it quits. But I suspect that won't happen, either. We'll see.

As I normally don't talk about politics, this is an unusual rant for me. But I've come to realize that those people who are running under the Republican umbrella aren't willing, for the most part, to fix what's broken with our country right now. The Dems are, and they're willing to tell the truth about what is broken. They are also being honest, in my view, about what needs to be done to make things better than they currently are. It's going to hurt in the short term, but down the road I believe that what needs to be done will be done, and the United States of America will be a better nation for it. Right now, we need to make changes and adjustments as our current leadership has been run aground. And that's bad; consider what's happening worldwide - we've become a near-pariah nation in many places worldwide, and our friends around the globe are having a hard time with us as well. Our leaders need to change their ways, or worse things could happen down the road. And I don't want my children to have to deal with more than what they're already going to be stuck with.

My my - I can't believe I wrote that much. I think I'll stop now.

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AlexD said...


Good luck with your flight medic test, down here (Alabama) we call it the CCEMT-P. I haven't posted in a while but hey that is what I get for being a professional writer. Great post.

Alex ~D~

manchmedic said...

Thanks Alex,

I actually have my CCEMT-P as well; took the course at MCG in Augusta. I wrote about it while I was there - very intense program. Much of what is on the flight medic (FP-C) exam is covered in the CCEMT-P course,with the exception of the FAA regulations and such.

Take care, my friend.