Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anothe Wednesday In Vegas

Hell of a way to start the shift. Got sent out for a 5 year-old male with a throat injury. Mother panicked because there was a lot of blood - patient was trying to eat a piece of sliced kielbasa, and the meat got pushed all the way through the tines of the fork. He kept going and the tines made contact with the back of his throat. When we got there, the bleeding had stopped, and the only injury that was showing was a tiny hole where one of the tines had penetrated. We showed his mother what we found, and she opted not to have us transport him to the hospital.

I like it when a call comes together.

As the night has progressed, the city has seen two major building fires, two vehicles versus a telephone pole, a cardiac arrest that was a DOA, a person who fell approximately 30 feet off of "the rock", as it is known, and numerous medical emergencies that include a 22 year-old female who had a syncopal episode and an 86 year-old female with a femur fracture. I only went to a few of those calls, including doing a standby at the second building fire. It's really been a mixed bag thus far. I think so far this shift we've done 6 calls, averaging about a call an hour. It's been like that for all of the crews tonight, and we're at about the halfway point of the shift.

I have to say that I've had 5 years taken off of my life tonight. My stepdaughter passed her driving test this past Monday. The ink isn't even dry on the license, and she will be getting a car tomorrow. A 1998 Ford Explorer Sport with 110,000 miles. My wife and her went to see the vehicle, and they brought it to show me at work. Not bad, but it needs to have some things fixed to make it road-worthy. Plus, in my opinion they wanted more money than it is worth - I believe that they could have worked about $1000 off of the asking price with the issues we found. All of that said, I suspect they worked out being able to get the things we found wrong repaired as well as getting the price knocked down a bit more. I'll find out tomorrow.

The only good thing about this is that she will be paying the price for both the car and the insurance. She's working on getting a job, and once she does she will be responsible for the bills.

On that note - time for me to say goodnight. My brain is starting to hurt.....

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