Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Back For More

More what? More fun? More punishment? More stupid acts by stupid people? I haven't figured that out yet. It's 3:00PM and the compassionate part of me agreed to relieve my friend La, who had a 2:00 doc's appointment. She'll be back for a detail tonight, and I'm normally on at 5:00PM on Fridays anyway, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to do this. Besides, it gets me out of the house; the landlords are up from Connecticut and New York City, and they are getting the third apartment ready to be shown.

It wouldn't be so bad, but they are incredible pains in the ass. It's not worth the deal we got to live there, and should we decide to move out it will be painful because it's a pretty nice house. Built in 1886, has an attached barn, has a swimming pool and a tennis court. Part of my deal for living there is that I maintain the pool and the yard during the summer months and into the winter. I have no problem with that, but the house itself is a heat source - much of it escapes through the cracks in the window frames, some of them either original frames or pretty close to it. I do know that it drove me crazy this past winter to heat because of the limitations of the lease. But we managed in spite of them.

I went to a meeting at work this morning with a bunch of others of us and a representative from Zoll Medical. We're looking at their E-series monitor/defibrillators as a replacement for the Life-Pak 12's we currently use. Bunch of reasons why we're looking at them, mostly because we use RescueNet, the billing package, and the dispatch software. We are looking again at the Auto-Pulse for CPR, and I imagine we're looking at other things too, but I don't know what those things would be. Personally, I like Zoll products; I use the E-series monitors in Goffstown, and from what I've seen of RescueNet so far I'm impressed with it. To be able to do a complete run report from start to finish in about 20 minutes is no mean feat, and we can do that, for the most part. There are some of us who are slower than death, in terms of their abilities with computers, but most of us are in pretty good shape. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Not much more to write about right now, but I know that will change as the shift continues. I'm sure I'll post again later.


AlexD said...


The service I worked (past tense) for dumped Rescuenet after so many crashes and server errors on our Toughbooks. Rescuenet is good in theory but paper, waaaay better. Zoll has a good product but let me say this, their bluetooth will be hard to connect and the after sale service sucks. Great post!

Alex ~D~

Ellie said...

We have zolls at my part time work. I really don't like them. I don't think they ever give a good 12 lead tracing (even when the skin is prepped) and their telemetry is laughable. Just my 2 cents.