Friday, May 30, 2008

The World Is Spinning.....

I am tired.

It's terrible - I almost couldn't spell "tired" a second ago. The past week - actually, more than a week at this point - has simply been overwhelming, just in terms of happenings both at work and in my personal life. So much is going on, in fact, that I don't know quite where to start.

First, my wife and I found a house. Not to buy - it's a rental, but it's a single family house. About 1600 square feet, 3 bedrooms, single story ranch. Kind of a retro feel to it; the interior is very 50's-ish, with jello-green counters in the kitchen, recessed lighting in the ceilings, and a ton of closet space and storage. And the price is right, which is the best part. We're planning on moving into it on July 1st.

I will be starting a new job on June 17th. I got hired by Cataldo EMS in Chelsea, MA, right outside of Boston. Doing the same work I'm doing now for Rockingham, but down there for 2 24-hour shifts each week. A couple of reasons I'm making this change: first, the compressed schedule. That's a keeper, as I plan to work Per Diem at Rockingham. Second, the pay is better; my bottom line is being affected by the current schedule I work, and I can't handle that much longer. Third, and this is most important, my wife told me I wouldn't be able to stand the schedule that I currently work for much longer, and she's right. It's simply too tough as it's stretched out over 4 days and I'm constantly fighting fatigue. Plus, I don't have good quality time at home and I need to rectify that or I'll lose my mind.

This past week has simply been an endurance test that won't end until sometime Sunday. I'm working as I write this, and as usual I'm out at 7:00AM tomorrow. I'll get home, take a shower and change my clothes then go back to the track to work racing tomorrow - qualifiers at 10:00AM and Post Time at 1:05PM. Then I get to do racing again on Sunday. Monday I'm back to work at 7:00 - actually at 8:00 because I have to go to a meeting in Nashua (and then talk to the boss and give notice). So maybe Wednesday or Thursday? We'll see, simply because I'm not sure anymore whether I'm coming or going.

I had to go to Boston this morning to take a pre-employment physical, consisting of the normal physical exam stuff plus a drug test, a TB test, and a lift test. The lift test was interesting; I had to lift and move a wooden box with weights in it, anywhere from 30 to 150 lbs., depending on the activity I had to perform. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, and I had no trouble lifting up 150 lbs. I've done it before; I had to take a lift test to be able to go back to work when I injured my back a year and a half ago. It was after 4 weeks of physical therapy, and I had to pick up 150 lbs. 10 times from a dead lift position. It was pretty greuling but I got through that and was cleared to go back to work. This was much easier. And after the stress test I had to take a month ago, this was a walk in the park.

Driving was miserable. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get there. I gave myself 2, but it obviously wasn't enough time. Terrible traffic, and it makes me realize that I will have to leave much earlier to get to work when I'm going down there.

We are now first up. In the interest of not being interrupted, I'll write more this coming weekend. Be well.

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AlexD said...


Slow down. That schedule is more than grueling it is plain sadistic. It really is a shame Paramedics have to work like slaves to provide. I too had a schedule like yours, I too worked like I had no other choice. I wound up with scar from zyphoid to pubic that is 14 inches long and almost cost me my life. Not to mention I have friends that are working 6-8 24 hour shifts because of manpower shortages. Hey, thats why I am taking the leap to nursing. Great Post!

Alex ~D~