Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Empty Nest

Well, it begins.

I am starting to suffer early stages of empty nest syndrome. My oldest is now officially in college - he's a freshman at Keene State. He moved in this past Friday and classes start tomorrow. I believe he will have a great college experience when all is said and done; after all, Keene is an excellent school with a really strong reputation, and as public colleges go, that's saying quite a lot. But I never thought it would be as tough as it was to watch him go to the next level.

Now I know how my parents felt when I left home at 18.

I went out to see him today as I didn't get to go with him when he moved in because of my work schedule. He is in the honors program out there and he lives in a residence hall with other honors students. I also got to meet his roommates today, and they seem like a couple of nice young guys. The other thing that I took note of is that the hall is a co-ed residence; not a big deal as far as I'm concerned, but something I'm cognizant of just the same.

One thing that was really wild was when I got there, Jon's cousin Sam (the son of his mom's brother) was there talking with him. Now I didn't know that Sam is living in Keene, but I think it's really good that if Jon needs it someone locally has his back. And Sam is a really solid young man; first off, he's extremely huge - he's either 6'4" or 6' 5", I'm not sure which. He's also extremely intelligent and well spoken. And he and Jon have been friends all their lives. With all of that in mind, I think it's good that they encountered each other. And from my perspective it was good to see him as well.

Got off of work this morning at 7:00 after a somewhat eventful 24 hour tour. Two trips to the Hebrew Rehab, one for an 81 year-old female having an episode of congested heart failure. She was full of fluid and the staff there - one of the resident docs happened to be on the floor when this evolution took place - did a lot before we arrived. She got 100mg of Lasix and 1mg of Morphine, and they had nebulized albuterol going when we got there. We stopped that, however, because she was in danger of drowning; she'd already gone into a flash pulmonary edema, which was bad. To add to the mix, we got a 12-lead ECG which showed a left bundle, extreme right axis deviation, and ST segment elevation in the inferior leads with reciprocal changes. We weren't sure if this was new, and neither was the doc that was there, so we opted to treat the CHF and the hypertension that was accompanying it. We took her to the Beth Israel, and she survived the ride - all 8 minutes on the road. They put her on BIPAP once we got her there, and she was subsequently admitted later in the morning.

Otherwise tomorrow is an RRA work day in Nashua and Tuesday is in Manchester.

I didn't realize how tired I am. Busy day. I'll continue to ruminate about sending Jon off as time goes on, I suspect.

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HJSLT said...

Well babe, I somehow doubt what you feel is the same as what was felt by your parents. It seems hard to believe he is old enough to be in college. It seems like just yesterday that you and I took the kids to that resataurant for lunch when I came down in 1991. Man, 17 years can go by so fast! Please send him my love and wish him all the best for me.