Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The End of Jac-Pac

It begins.

The leveling of the old Jac-Pac property has started.

Basically, the Elliot Health System - the entity that operates the Elliot Hospital - has taken over the property to redevelop it, ultimately putting up an urgent care facility in that location.

Anyone who has any association with out health care system knows full well the mess we as a society are in with respect to how it is utilized. As an EMS provider, I (and I know many of you who read this blog) see this every day. We all know how many people go to the ED for stupid stuff that could be dealt with in a doctor's office or a clinic (and a discussion of the "stupid stuff", as we all know, is fodder for another discussion). A facility such as this will fill that void, hopefully, for those who don't see a primary care doctor on a regular basis. And it is possible that some people who seek medical attention there might actually be directed to connect with a primary care physician of their own.

The Elliot runs an Urgent Care facility in Londonderry, just south of Manchester. Having been directed there by my own PCP, I can attest to the quality of care they provide. Back in June I was seen there for what ultimately was a kidney infection, and including time taken for an abdominal CT, I was in and out of there in just over two hours. Incredble time and really good care, if you consider that for the same visit to the Emergency Room I would have been there for at 8 hours instead of 2, maybe longer.

A facility like this in Manchester, at least in my opinion, is overdue in coming.

I just wish the implosion of the building had been more impressive.....

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Ellie said...

Hurray for demolition!
Hurray for urgent care!
We need more of that all over the country!