Thursday, October 16, 2008

So - Who Watched The Debate Last Night?

I did.

I was not impressed this time, either.

But what was I to expect? That either of these jokers would have some sort of epiphany or enlightenment?

At the beginning of the debate, Bob Schieffer said to the candidates, "by now we've heard all the talking points, so let's try to tell the people some things they - they haven't heard." From what I could tell, that wasn't happening. It was a huge replay on both sides of everything that they've been saying to each other for the past 15 months. From taxes, to the economy, to their running mates, it was all the same stuff being spouted over and over again.

So, what does one who is in such conflict, like myself, do? Truly, I'm not so sure it matters what I do, in terms of whom I should vote for. With either one of these guys we're going to find ourselves in a world of hurt that is worse than the one we are in now. Plus, if you look at their running mates - this is the subject of a whole other thread of discussion, in fact - the people that second these candidates are potentially worse than the candidates themselves.

I look at the likes of Sarah Palin: I will admit that she is nice to look at, but is that what we really want in a potential Vice President? I would think not. I find her to be vapid and superficial, and I'm not convinced that she has the intellectual wherewithal to step into the job in the event that McCain were to die in office. I personally believe that she would be in over her head, and for the good of the nation I do not want to even have to think that. We said much the same thing about Dan Quayle when he was the Veep, but at least Quayle had the sense to keep a low profile. I'm not so sure that Palin will do that.

Regarding Joe Biden: he's been around for a very, very long time, just like John McCain. He is effective at what he does. He is also extremely obnoxious and has caused problems for himself and his party. He must have some effectiveness, however, because he keeps getting re-elected to his Senate seat. I just don't understand his appeal, and it's clear that the only reason Barack Obama chose him for his Veep is because of his Washington experience as well as his foreign policy chops. Other than that, personally, I'm not sure I trust him.

I've raved on enough about this. And unfortunately I am still no closer to deciding who to vote for. So, with that said, I will continue to work this until I figure out the best decision to make.

So I have to end this post with something lighter. Courtesy of my friend ee. This is a scream, especially if you hate to deal with telemarketers.....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Walt: How are you? We see you haven't lost your sense of humor. John and I thought your audio clip on the telemarketer was a scream. We will need to share that one with family. As far as the debate, that was the subject of my post also. All I can say is we had better hold on for the ride.