Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sitting In The Tool Shed

We call the EMS room at the Beth Israel the "tool shed." Mainly it's because we hang out here waiting for calls. When nothing's happening, we're all just hanging out. At the moment, it's just me, Queally, and Stacey. Jason, my partner, is out in the truck trying to sleep. I should do the same thing as I had a really hard time sleeping last night. My wife caught a cold and she couldn't get comfortable, which caused me to not be able to get comfortable, either. I felt really bad for her; it is no fun being sick. Plus, she caught it from Kerry, and she's still congested and dealing with a sinus infection.

I wouldn't be surprised if I'm next at some point, but I'm going to have to wait patiently and see what happens.

This is one of those times I'm actually glad I'm here. Our base is moving today from its current location in Dorchester to near the Forest Hills T stop in Roslindale. It should be interesting; new location, different area. Kind of a crazy neighborhood; I'm a little concerned that I'll walk out to my car after an overnight and discover it on blocks. On the other hand, it is closer to the Hebrew Rehab, and they say we won't have to post here anymore. I will believe that when it happens.

I should be medicated again as of tomorrow. It's been a bit of a stretch this week, but I had no choice. I'll be all set over the weekend, though. At least, I hope so.....

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