Monday, October 06, 2008

Wichita Lineman

I'm posting what to most of you might seem to be trivial stuff right now - three or four postings this evening (I've lost count) alone of nothing that really is in my "usual" depth. That said, I have to explain why. At the moment, I am totally un-medicated. And it is driving me crazy. I can't think, I can't formulate ideas, and I'm having a difficult time expressing myself. It is especially frustrating that I'm having difficulty typing. As I type right now, I have to go over and fix my typos that are happening over and over again simply because I can't keep my hands straight on the keyboard. If you saw what this looked like before taking care of the errors, I have no doubt either you would laugh hysterically at me or you would amputate my hands.

I think most of you who read this blog know of my deep admiration for James Taylor. Not just his musical talent - I suspect he's one of those people who would be really cool to just sit down with and chat, drink a beer with, jam with..... I recently got a copy of his latest release, "Covers", and I am extremely impressed with it. All songs that have been released over the past 40 or so years by other artists that he's touched with his inimitable talent.

This is a cover of the Jimmy Webb/Glen Campbell song "Wichita Lineman." He did this on ABC's "Good Morning America" about 3 weeks or so ago. The video quality isn't particularly good but the audio is excellent. And I love this song...

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