Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This article from another blog is courtesy of my friend, Fr. Peter.

I read this and my immediate response was three-fold: horror, disbelief, and disgust. Horror, because being burned to death is simply a horrible way to die, no matter what. Disbelief in that a man would have his own daughter killed - in today's world - for the sake of "honor." Disgust because this happened in a so-called allied nation, Saudi Arabia.

I've known for quite some time that this sort of killing happens. That said, it doesn't diminish my anger when I read about it. And while I personally know numerous people that are of the Islamic faith and consider many of those folks friends, it blows me away that a country that is portrayed as Saudi Arabia is - of being "moderate", for lack of a better word - they have not come out of the 7th or 8th Century. It also is no wonder that citizens of other Islamic nations (Iran comes to mind almost immediately) secretly convert to Christianity because they see and understand the Message of salvation and peace, and of love, and immediately by doing so put their own lives at risk.

I'm sure I've managed to piss off at least one person that reads this post. Okay - maybe more. So what.

But did I make you think?


AlexD said...


I spent 6 months in Saudi and I realized that their culture is based upon their religion. My first day there I witnessed several public executions(the crowd moved us forward on purpose. One execution was for DUI the others for Rape. The execution method...beheading. The Saudi's have morality police equipped with automatic machine guns and the Koran. These police searched for people not following Islamic law. This country is friends with the US only because of their own interests. Just imagine what it would be like in Iran.
Great Post

Alex D


Anonymous said...

Walt, A pleasure to finally read your post on your blogspot. Since you recently added me, I want to thank you for that honor. I am on facebook as well. And, am a parishioner of Fr. Peter's Church. I have left my comment on his page. These were based on a book which enlightened me to the real truth and goings on there. Christians stand out in this world as a different religon, representative of what "love" means, and a drastic contrast to other so-called God-feared traditions. As a convert to Orthodoxy, I must forgive, but not forget, and trust in God, for He is merciful, faithful and loves all His children.