Saturday, November 29, 2008

Riu Riu Chiu


I found this out on Imeem - never expected to hear this again, considering the last time I heard this was probably pretty close to 40 years ago.

If you can tell me who these guys are singing this approximately 500 year-old Christmas Carol, I will be very impressed, indeed.


Elisabeth Crehan said...
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crehan724 said...

Hmm . . . is that the version by the Monkees?

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, Walt!

Walt Trachim said...

That it would be.... I am impressed.

HJSLT said...

Hey, now that is flashback!! I found this on youtube and thought you might enjoy the full version with video!

Walt Trachim said...

I didn't realize that David Jones sang the bass part. Thanks for this!