Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

This article is courtesy of the Los Angeles Times, and it is yet another example of political correctness run amok.

Normally, I wouldn't waste my time on an article like this one, but when I read it I just thought to myself that this is just too much.

In the name of political correctness, Lincoln and Washington share a common day, and our kids get a day off for Martin Luther King instead. Not that I'm bashing MLK - he was a great American, but he wasn't either Lincoln or Washington. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are now just known as the "holidays." Veterans Day and Memorial Day barely get a passing nod. And now Thanksgiving is being equated by one of the people quoted in the above article as a day for the children to "dress up as slaves and their masters...."

I can't help but think that people like that go out of their way to take the joy out of living. Just because they probably have none of their own doesn't give them the right to inflict their issues on everyone else.

It just makes me sad - political correctness is such BS.


Pete said...

This sentence gives me a bit of hope: "The debate is far from over. Some parents plan to send their children to school in costume Tuesday -- doubting that administrators will force them to take them off."
I'll be googling this story over the next few days to see if there was any follow up.
What a surprise that most of the complainers are college instructors/professors....

AlexD said...


You are absolutely correct, somehow people are getting it wrong about the holidays. Parents are becoming more and more sensitive to the slightest thing. As their kids grow up to be constant complainers. I like Christmas, New Years, Veterans Day and all the essential holidays but geesh where does the madness stop. Hope your tendon is healing well, the truck is still the same. And someone besides me should become a writer for hire.

Alex ~D~

TOTWTYTR said...

I'm not surprised at all that this happened in a college town. Nor am I surprised that spineless administrators would cave in.

I am surprised that a number of rational adults are fighting back.