Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Glad This One's Over....

Oh, yeah.

This year has been hard. Certainly not just for me (although this is one I would have liked to put away before it went south) but for so many. With all of the things that happened - the hurricane season, all of the events over in the Middle East, and not least all of the bad things that happened with the Economy - I believe many would like very much to see this one just sort of slink away. I pray that 2009 is at least somewhat better than 2008, mainly because I don't believe it can get much worse. And if it does I don't know that as a people we'll be able to withstand it.

This morning I had my weekly appointment with the wound clinic. Overall, things are not getting better. I had thought perhaps they were, but we've been watching the size of the crater on my heel not get smaller. Plus it is still painful to walk, even with this so-called pressure reducing shoe I wear. The only good thing is the compression sock that I wear; it at least is keeping the edema in check.

This morning, the doc had mentioned starting compression therapy, which I suspect he's going to use in place of (or maybe in addition to - I don't know) the sock. My understanding is that its intent is to reduce pooling in the venous circulation, which in effect is what the sock does. One of the nurses told me that the amount of pressure is about double what the sock is, which I'm not sure I'm comfortable with as the sock is pretty snug in itself.

I mentioned this to Martha before she left for work, and she immediately got concerned. All she said to me was, "that's it - you need to contact the insurance company and have them find you a higher level of care down in Boston." For her to say that now has me concerned. One of the things I've wanted them to do up here is consider using the Hyperbaric chamber, but for some reason they are reluctant to do so. I don't know why, but I'm going to need to find out. It's possible that HBO therapy isn't indicated for me, and if so, I need them to tell me that.

Another possible treatment consideration - and I know I've mentioned it before in this venue - is grafting. That is a last-ditch sort of treatment and the healing curve is steep. I'm not sure I want to put myself in that place at any rate.

As it is, last night was a bad one. I was awake at a little after midnight because of the call of nature, and without thinking I put my bare foot on the floor. When I did this, it was as though my foot and leg got hit with a Taser. It was extremely unpleasant, and it was nearly 4:30 when I got back to sleep. My alarm went off at 6:30, so I'm sure it won't take much imagination to figure out my state of mind, both then and now. I am still dealing with discomfort, but nothing like the pain I had last night. I really don't want to go through that again anytime soon.

As I write I'm watching the snow fall and the wind blow. Below are a couple of images in different directions outside my front door.

I'm not certain what the additional white spots are in the second photo. It is snowing out, after all, but it almost looks like the lens is dirty. If so, it will be cleaned before I take pictures for posting again.


Elizabeth said...

My prayers for you, Walt.

I too am glad to see the end of 2008.

May 2009 bring restored health and tranquillity to us all.

Evil Transport Lady said...

Hey you! Nice pictures! I hope your new year brings your terrible journey to an end!

As always, you are in my thoughts.

Big Hugs From The Evil One;)

AlexD said...


If that much snow ever fell down here it would paralyze the South.

Alex ~D~