Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bad Shoe

It seems like I can't catch a break - I'm afflicted with a bad shoe again.

Any of you who read this are probably thinking, "bad shoe? WTF is he talking about?" Well, it's certainly not an ill-fitting pair of boots or stiletto-heels (those would be Martha's domain, not mine, and when she wears them they seem to fit her rather nicely....) but a new pressure-reducing shoe I was fitted with today. Unlike the previous shoe I was wearing, this one is open in the back, which is a good thing - the one I had before actually was putting pressure on the wound itself in a bad way.... In fact, the shoe doesn't really look like a shoe at all - it looks more like a cross between an ancient roman legion-style sandal and a flip-flop. For it to be open in the back, the sole is considerably shorter than a standard shoe or clog would be and there is a slight lift in the back of about a quarter-inch. Normally it wouldn't be an issue but there is a ridge that is created by this lift, and where it falls on the sole of my foot is just forward of the heel.

When I step, it hurts. Not like the wound, but it gets my attention.

I am playing with where things fall and trying to adjust it so that the ridge is off of that point and further back on my heel. However, I don't want it to go too far back or it will encroach on the lower margin of the wound. By doing this, I end up putting my toes slightly over the front of the shoe (I forgot to mention that it is open up front as well).

For now, I'm wearing my clogs. I suspect I will continue to do so regardless of this shoe being present for me to wear now, as I don't think it would be a good idea to wear it in the predicted weather tomorrow. And they say we're going to get hammered. I was watching a weather forecast earlier today with some backdrop from weather across the country, and it appears that Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas took a beating with not just snow cover but a bad coating of ice on top of that.

Say a prayer for people that live out there who are affected by this gnarly stuff that's coming our way.


TOTWTYTR said...

Walt, if the clogs work for you, is there a reason not to use them? From your other post, it seems like just going from the boot to them really helped.

Also, someone I know in Tulsa says they really got hammered with this storm, snow, sleet, ice. Schools closed, traffic accidents, just like around here.

Walt Trachim said...

I am continuing to wear the clogs as there really is no reason for me to wear the new shoe if I don't have to. The reason I am keeping it, though, is for around the house for the next weeks. I want to use it as a reminder to stay off of it as much as possible.

The good news is that it appears to finally be closing. The amount of movement of the epithelium is small, but starting to become noticeable.

I have to be in Nashua at 7:30 for a mandatory class at RRA. I can hardly wait to be on the road.

Stay safe.