Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Day Of Catch-Up

I got up early this morning (just after 6:30AM) to get ready for a visit with the people I work with in Boston. I have wanted to go for a while because I hadn't seen any of them in quite some time. In fact, the last time I actually got to see any of these folks was on October 10, which was the day I was injured.... Anyway, we had a bit of a nasty surprise when I got out of bed - it was really cold in the house and being the curious sort, I went out into the living room to check the thermostat. It was then that I discovered the indoor temperature was at 51 degrees F. Turns out that Martha replaced the battery on the thermostat (it's programmable) and checked the settings to determine why we were having the heat turn on and off at weird times. She fixed the problem but then forgot to put the system back in heat mode. So the heat was turned off for a little over 12 hours, which explains why it was so chilly this morning.... By the time I left the house the temperature had increased by almost 10 degrees, so at least it was better. And when I got home, she asked me if I slept well, which I did. I like sleeping in cool conditions, so I was actually not unhappy about it, although having to find out why it was so cool was slightly unpleasant.

When I got to Boston I got to see the people I normally work with on Saturdays. It was a really good thing to see all of these folks, and I didn't realize how much I missed them. I was there for a little over 4 hours - longer than I had planned on, but worth the time just the same. Now I have to get in touch with my boss and let him know what's going on.... I left there and on my way back stopped in at Rockingham Park and visited with the person I work for there. Cynthia, the manager of the nursing service, is a really nice person - she is 67 years old although you wouldn't know that by her apperance or her frame of mind. But she's had a difficult fall and winter because of some health problems she's had. Plus one of her daughters is fighting cancer and has been through more in the past 5 years than I think most of us would experience in an entire lifetime. On top of that, this particular daughter has a 6 year-old of her own who also has had to deal with cancer. Both are in remission now, but they've each had lots of struggles. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them, either.

This past week during my visit with the wound guy - I know I mentioned it previously - he's talked about putting me into a "Unna Boot", which after reading about it in my own research, looks to be a rather difficult thing to manage. Additionally, it will render me at least partially immobile again, something I am not looking forward to. The process will require me to be in the wound clinic twice a week instead of the once per week schedule that I am on. Plus I'll have to go back to the "bag over the cast" situation I was in before when I had the hard cast on. I do not know, however, if I'll be made to not walk at all, and I don't know how long I'll have to be in this for. I do know that it will have be changed twice weekly, which puts the two visit thing into perspective. Just the same, I'm still apprehensive about it, and I am definitely considering getting a second opinion as to whether or not it is necessary. And on that note, we'll see what happens.


Evil Transport Lady said...

My God this is a never ending thing! I hope your foot gets better soon, this is nuts!

I am glad to hear about your visit. Sounds like you needed to touch base! Keep up with positive thoughts as best you can! They can do wonders in healing the hurt!

Laura said...

Its good to get out. I believe in mental healing. Also, as I recall one year before going on vacation, I fell down a flight of stairs. Could hardly walk was black and blue all over. Did you ever hear of the words "physician heal thyself"? It took awhile, but I did heal. I went barefoot using all my muscles. Sometimes it's better not to keep bandages on either. The hardest thing for people in the medical field is to just let it happen naturally. It certainly has got to be hard for you to make a decision, and we both know that medical people sometimes guess. Keeping you in my prayers.

MedicThree said...

Between you and I, Walt--we could start our own soap opera with the drama of our lives.

You are certainly my brother from another mother.