Tuesday, January 20, 2009

McFerrin's Psalm 23

I have been experimenting off and on with Windows Movie Maker, and I've made a couple of video slide shows that I didn't think turned out well. This time, however, I think I may have gotten a couple of things right.

Bobby McFerrin recorded a setting of the 23rd Psalm a number of years ago. It was interesting in that he changed the reference to God from a masculine reference to a feminine one. I remember the first time I heard it; while I was surprised to her the pronoun "She" used to refer to the Lord, somehow in this setting it doesn't seem to matter. It is beautiful. And I did some digging for photos that I thought were appropriate. Some of them may not necessarily look like they belong, but they do - look for the real meaning and you'll understand what I'm talking about.


Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Wow! Bobby McFerrin! Who'd a thought! Such a talented guy. Fabulous sound, wonderful harmonies, great - sensitive - meaningful - illustrative pictures. In Hebrew theology, there is a natural embracing of both the feminine and masculine natures of God. The feminine side is the nurturing, comforting and soothing side. So, in this 23rd Psalm, written by David, it fits nicely. That kind of parenting we assign the "mothering" concept to and attach it to that part of God and how He loves us. You as a Dad know that kind of love is not limited to only women :-)Gorgeous work! Poignant, authentic, very real with sweet moments, too. Message comes through loud and clear in dulcet tones. I loved it. I use PhotoStory3 to make "movies" and set with music. This truly was wonderful. I look forward to seeing/hearing more!

Anonymous said...

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