Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've been driven to it over the past few days. No particularly good reason for it that I can find, though. It's just been there.

I'm watching a town highway department vehicle attempt to turn around in front of my house. Big vehicle; it's a dump truck with plows attached, and there is a front end loaded on the street just out of my view. They are knocking down the snow banking at the turn onto my street as well as across the street from my house. It's a good day for it - the temperatures are supposed go above 40 degrees F today.

I am working on another Power Point lecture. This time it's Respiratory Emergencies. I spent a good chunk of time yesterday researching the material. Between the textbooks, my classroom notes from the CCEMT-P class, and the Internet, I have a decent amount of material that I was not only able to gather, but I also was able to organize it on the fly. In addition to the lecture, we're also doing what we are calling a "skills rodeo" along with it. Basically the point is to get a benchmark with all of the Fire Department personnel and figure out what (and if) there are skills that need to be worked on. In principle it is a really good idea. What will be interesting, however, is to see if this will really provide an indicator to those of us responsible for providing training to the department at large.

We will see about that.

PT continues. I went yesterday and had a really good session. TJ, my therapist, added an exercise band (a thick rubber band that he wrapped around my foot) to provide a means of resistance for further stretching of the ankle, and he also added a 2 pound leg weight. I exercised my leg with both of these devices - not at the same time, of course - to work the muscles and stretch the ligaments and the tendon itself.

It is effective, I think. Between the PT and the trips to the gym (I'm going after I get done writing the lecture) I can already see a difference in my ability to walk. The major thing that I contend with now, though, is fatigue in all of the muscles of my left leg. Plus, Martha points out that I'm walking with a bit of a forward-leaning stoop. I'm working to correct that, too, by ensuring I work my abdomen and lower back.

I could survive this yet. Granted, I now have the ability to forecast the weather in my left ankle, but I can live with that.

It's amazing what we learn to live with, isn't it?


HJSLT said...

I've been besting the local meteorologists for years!! You'll find you become a great new party favour. Glad to hear things are going well.

Laura said...

John played football the old fashioned way, mostly ungeared in the mud, snow and inclement weather, as a kid growing up with boys in his neighborhood. Catholic schools did not have the same opportunity as the public school system. He is riddled with aches and pains now, especially in his left knee. We find he gives a quite accurate weather report. Seems your making good use of your time. Enjoy it!