Thursday, February 12, 2009


That would be Martha, my wife.

She suffers from migraine headaches - they've been present for as long as I have known her, but lately she's been getting them with a cruel regularity that seems to be insurmountable. She has had one that started two weeks ago today. She's been seen in the emergency room twice and got no relief of her symptoms - the first time, in fact, she was seen by a Nurse Practitioner that thought she was seeking narcotics and wouldn't treat her appropriately. The second time she was seen by one of the docs who wanted to "treat and street" her, when it was pretty clear that she needed to be admitted.

Yesterday we got her in to see her primary care doc, who made the decision almost immediately to have her admitted for further treatment. That was at 11:30 yesterday morning - within an hour of that she was in a medical/surgical bed at the Elliot Hospital. She is still there as I write this.

She is being treated with big doses of pretty strong pain medications. When I left her to rest at about 3:00 this afternoon she was still having trouble with light sensitivity. A CT scan of her head came back with negative findings, which we expected, as these headaches are hormonally driven. And they won't stop for good until she goes into Menopause.

I feel so powerless - I can't help her with this, as much as I want to.

Once they get this under control, she and her PCP are going to put a "rescue plan" together. Basically, a plan of medications that are most effective in fighting the pain she has with these. I hope they can come up with something that works.....

As of now, I'm going back over there after I make a much needed trip to the gym. When I left, it was so that she could get some much needed rest. I hope she is successful. And I hope that she's able to get this one off of her back.

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