Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Lenten Preview

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.

In my view, it is the beginning of what is the most arduous time in the life of the Church: Lent. Forty days - forty - of what should be a time of prayer, fasting, and preparation for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, celebrated on Easter Sunday.

For some, it is. For others, not so much. And that is sad.

Last year, I stumbled. I didn't submit myself to the self-discipline I should have to work through the demands of Lent. And I felt terrible about it. This year I am not going to do that again. As it is, I've already been through a period of my life that some could compare to the Lenten season, but it really hasn't been that way. To me, it's been more like a pity party than a journey through the desert.

That has to stop. And it will stop. Today. And I will take the opportunity tomorrow to climb out of the hole that I dug for myself.

There have been a huge number of people - my friends and my family - who have been there for me. Supportive of my efforts. Consoling when I have stumbled or had setbacks. And I've been loved by all of these people in spite of myself. For that I am more grateful that I can even say. By the efforts I will make during Lent I will do my best to be worthy of all those gifts I've been given.

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Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Aye - those "High Kings"
:-)GREAT song to draw a line between *Ordinary Time* and Lent! There'll be many of us on that pilgrimmage toward Easter, striving to keep a holy Lent. My comfort is that, despite our best efforts, none of us are worthy...BUT we are bathed with the grace of Jesus. The better we do at focusing our eyes on the *Prize* through these 40 days especially, the more fulfilling is our personal experience on Resurrection Sunday and the more depth added to our spiritual maturity. HOWEVER grace covers it all, carries us through, and lifts us when we stumble. And our friends continue to share our burdens and add to our joys. Despite so many troubling unknowns, there is so much we are grateful for. Lent is the great equalizer of us all: "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." Oh, but there IS such joy!