Friday, February 20, 2009


Think of this as a continuation from the last post I put up.

Since Tuesday, I've had an appointment with the wound guy that did not go as I expected it would. I'd felt really good and was walking much better than I had been. During my visit I found out that the wound had expanded in size, likely due to the physical activity. There was edema in the wound bed, evidenced by the amount of firmness behind the tissue surface.

So he cut down all of the tissue that was pushing out as well as the calloused area around the perimeter which seems to keep on forming. And he put an Unna boot on my leg.

I've written about this before. An Unna boot is actually a wrap in multiple layers which forms compression on the lymphatic circulation. It is supposed to improve return to the heart as well as take care of reducing swelling to the lymphatic vasculature.

For some reason, however, this didn't happen as planned. During the day yesterday, I discovered two things I had to deal with. One was the bleeding; it hadn't stopped. The other was that the rest of my foot had swollen significantly. With those things going on, I had to deal with the bleeding immediately, which I did. And this morning, when the swelling hadn't gone down as I had hoped overnight, I cut the boot off. Since doing that, my foot has gone down to its normal size.

I have since placed a call to the doc's office. He needs to be aware of the problem the boot caused. Plus, I need supplies that I can only get with a doc's prescription.

At the very least, I am staying off of my foot as much as I can. I would like to see if it helps in getting the wound to close up. And it does appear that this has started to happen again. At least that is something.


Laura said...

I'm not affiliated with the terms that you stated in your post. Nor am I a doctor. But most of the time I've ever seen healing is the good old fashioned way. Water, especially from the ocean and just sticking it in the sun,(Sunny window). Lately, that's all I trust. Good luck.

Walt Trachim said...

Someone else mentioned ocean water to me.... I have to tell you that with all I've been up against, I'm seriously considering taking a drive to Hampton Beach and walking in the surf.

I think you can probably tell I'm a bit frustrated....

Just the same, thanks for the good thoughts and prayers.

Ninja Medic said...

I'm sorry thing aren't going as smoothly as you had hoped. I know how discouraging any setback can be (no matter how minor) when you're trying to recover and get back to work. Just know that I'm always available should you want to vent or rant or even just chat some time. (


Walt Trachim said...

Thank you, NM. I do appreciate it, and now I know where to find you :)