Friday, May 22, 2009

Back To Work

I have returned to work.

It is nice to be loved - turns out a lot of people care about me. And I was missed.

It's great to be back. And I'm sure I'll be bitching and complaining soon enough. Since it's all part of this, I'll just take it as it comes.

So far, my partner Corey (for the day) and I have been busy. We had an 86 year-old female who was listed as "failing to thrive" with abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. She also had a significant medical history that was contributory. Plus, she came from one of my favorite nursing homes down here. My suspicion, considering how she presented, is that she will want to refuse care. She has a DNR, and I'm inclined to think her family won't push her on the issue of not wanting further hospitalization.

I'm sure I'll write more as the day goes on. And if I can figure out how to add photos from this mobile venue I will. Until then...


Jen said...

Yea Walt! Congrats on making it through the rehab and back on your own two feet. Can't wait to see you back around here too!

Ellie said...


Karen Brook Westhaver said...

TONS of people love you, Walt, wherever you go! Whether at work (where your gentle, compassionate care must be like cool water on hot, dusty spirits to those without advocates and who are otherwise lost and helpless)or anyplace else. Look around! You put light in the eyes and smiles on the faces of SO many who get to know you!