Saturday, June 13, 2009

First Reaction

Stolen from Epijunky – I thought it was pretty interesting so I figured I would toss in my two cents.

Thanks for putting this up, my friend.

1. Cigarettes: That shit will kill you
2. Sex: Always good, never enough
3. Relationships: Really stable – no drama
4. Your Last Ex:  Please – do not even get me started
5. Power Rangers: The blue one
6. Crack: A terrible drug - nothing like fighting with someone who's high on it
7. Food: Most of it has to be spicy so I can taste it
8. The President: Totally unimpressed so far.
9. Cars: I spend way too much time in mine
10. Gas Prices: Better than last year but still too high
11. Halloween: Avoid it at all costs
12. Bon Jovi: Hair. Lots of hair.
13. Religion: In nomine Patri, et Fili, et Spirti Sancti, Amen
14. Myspace: Facebook is better
15. Worst Fear:  Having something terrible happen to one of my children
16. Marriage: In love and incredibly happy for the past almost 6 years
17. Paris Hilton: Highly over-rated. Why is she even famous, anyway?
18. Brunettes: I like them
19. Redheads: I like them too
20: Politics: Piss me off most of the time because our elected leaders are mostly really inept. I’ll shut up now...
21: Pass the time: Who has time?
22. One night stands: Believe it or not, I’ve never had one
23: Cell phone: Think “umbilical cord”
24: Pixie Stix: Like crack only worse for your teeth
25: Vanilla Ice cream: GIve me Mint Chocolate Chip any day
26: High school: Was too big then, is too big now
27. Pajamas: Like my gym shorts and a t-shirt
28. Wood: Maple or Oak
29. Wet Socks: Suck
30. Alcohol: Occasionally liking the Maker’s Mark
31. The word HATE: A very, very strong word - I try not to use it, but sometimes I can't help it
32. Your best friend: Martha
33. Money: I don’t make enough, but I don’t care
34. Heartache: Is very tough to handle. I know because I’ve been there myself
35. Love: Martha. My kids. My family. My friends.
36. Time: Is flowing like a river...


Karen Brook Westhaver said...

LOVE this, Walt. Fun! Thinking about giving it a go myself. Thanks for a different kind of thoughtful post. Cool way of taking inventory of stuff in the constellations of life.

Epijunky said...

I loved reading your responses :) This one was fun!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Fun one!