Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Visit To The Shed

As I write I’m sitting in the Tool Shed. I have referred to this place before; it is the EMS Room at the BI, located just off of the Emergency Department. The last time I wrote about being here was the day I was injured, and I feel as though I need to sort of resolve that day and finish what I started.

Describing this place is a bit of a challenge because it isn’t very big and there isn’t much here. The room is probably 20’ X 10’. There are two desks, a table, a counter, a refrigerator, and 6 chairs. There is also a television mounted to the wall opposite to where I am sitting. Its images and sounds fill the void. Sometimes.

There are days when nobody is here. On those days it is very quiet. Saturdays and Sundays tend to be the quietest; one of our employees takes calls and makes arrangements to have them dispatched during the week. This doesn’t happen over the weekend as Boston Operations takes care of that task.

During the week, however, it is a different story. People are in and out of here, there is lots of noise and chatter, and sometimes real conversation happens. Sometimes it can be funny as some of the people I work with have a great sense of humor. Others don’t; there are one of two that can be serious or sour, and that can ruin a good day.

Sometimes we get visits from our management. On those days, when this happens, some of the people I work with get a little bit nervous; our district manager has a reputation for being a bit strict. I don’t have an issue with this; some people need to have that kind of guidance now and again. I try to carry myself in a professional manner when I’m working, and behaving this way is the right thing to do, no matter what. I guess it goes back to when I served in the military; professionalism is expected at all times, and the habits that I learned back then (I left active duty over 25 years ago) have simply stayed with me. And, as the saying goes, some habits die hard. Or, in my case, not at all.

Also as I write this, Martha is in surgery. She’s having some female work done – hopefully this will resolve some of the migraine issues she’s been having. Because she’s been peri-menopausal, she’s had erratic problems with her hormones, and the suspicion is that this has been at the root of the migraine problem. She’s already dealing with hot flashes, so that won’t change. We both expect, in fact, that they will likely intensify. As for the rest, we’ll see.

Think good thoughts for her today.

I suspect I’ll be writing more later; it’s starting to get a little busy here.


Deege said...

Hope all is well with Martha's surgery. Will keep her in my prayers.

"The Pause" is not fun. I was so surprised, after working in OB/GYN for eons, that I really knew little about it until I started it. But then, the OB/GYN for whom I worked for years wasn't all that interested in educating his patients, nor his staff.

Walt Trachim said...


I suspect she will actually be better after this as what she's been dealing with has been pretty bad. And we'll make accomodations for whatever we have to.

Michael Morse said...

Good luck Walt and Martha,I hope all goes well.

Walt Trachim said...

Thanks Michael. She did really well - I talked with her at about 3:00 this afternoon after she got home. She was tired and a little sore, but all things considered she was okay.

I'll get to see her in the morning when I get off shift.

TOTWTYTR said...

I'm glad to read that Martha did well in her surgery. That's always good news.

Is "The Shed" a different room than the little room right off the trauma room entrance? I haven't been that room for a while, but it always seemed a bit cramped to me.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers will continue for Martha's quick recovery !

Walt Trachim said...

Yes, TOT - the Shed (it's my term for it but it is appropriate) is the room right across from the trauma room entrance. Defintely is cramped, but with a weird ambience.

Thanks to both of you - she is doing much better today...