Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Haven't I Complained About This Already?

Here we go again.

Rain. Lately a real bane to my existence. Ever since the injury and repair I have had to deal with perpetual stiffness and discomfort that refuses to go away when there is low pressure.

I hate it. Never did I expect to voice a feeling like that about anything, especially when it has to do with domething I have absolutely no control over. But there it is.

Had a busy few days working. The weekend was a totally sleep-deprived workathon, including a long-distance critical care transport of an 8 year-old male with a tracheostomy. He was returned to the long-term care facility he lives at after having his tonsils removed. Apparently he had a lot of difficulty with secretions in his airways and it was thought he would have less with the tonsillectomy. I guess nobody thought about the aftermath becuase he still had secretions and he still needed to have his airway suctioned periodically. But he wasn't on a ventilator. That made things a little easier to deal with.

I worked at the track for the first racing day on Sunday. Met two of the new employees, James and Thatcher. Good guys. James has been around, Thatcher has not. It will be a challenge to get him trained because he is so new. But I am not worried; it will just take time.

Tonight I am working at Goffstown Fire and teaching at the same time. It should be interesting. I will hope for no calls during class. Heat emergencies, bugs and critters, that sort of thing. All I have to do is finish up the PowerPoint presentation I'm working on.

Dry weather is supposed to be back by Saturday. Until then I'll have to suck it up. Do you think I can? And, I am just glad I don't live somewhere where rain is a way of life. Otherwise life would be miserable indeed...


Medic7 said...

Hey Walt, be glad you're not here in Seattle! It rains from October through the beginning of Summer. Our dry season is usually after the 4th of July through mid September. aside from that, count on get moldy.

Glad to hear you're felling better and the only real thing you have to complain about is the weather!

Walt Trachim said...

I thought about that - as much as I think I would like the PNW, the rain might be a little more than I could stand. I think I would much rather deal with the copious amounts of snow we get out this way each winter. It is easier to deal with than rain sometimes, although the cold has its own set of problems.....

Deege said...

At least it isn't raining today, at least not up this way. Tomorrow and Friday is another story, and they're even saying there's a chance of t-storms. Ugh!

At least the weekend may be nice.

Strange Spring, isn't it? It reminds me of a California winter.

Walt Trachim said...

I am not looking forward to driving to Boston tomorrow morning if it is as nasty as they say it will be. Definitely will make for an awful day indeed.