Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reflecting On Mid-Week

Here I am again, your faithful reporter, on another fine Wednesday, sitting here in my ambulance/cabulance/band aid bus, or whatever you want to call it. Post Time is in about 7 minutes and the horses in the first race are going out for the Post parade. I can't believe how gorgeous this day has shaped up to be, and it needs to be enjoyed now because the next few are supposed to be intermittently wet.

It seems that I've managed, in spite of my efforts, to put myself in an undesirable work pattern. I am making efforts, however, to resist going where I found myself last year. That didn't serve me or anyone else well at all. Plus there is the school thing; as I am planning to go back I simply can't risk another extended down time.

Last night I went into work at Goffstown Fire at 9:00 because I had a certification commitment to take care. I hold NRP certification again after doing the refresher class. Not a necessary certification for me as a Paramedic, but it is a good skill and knowledge set just the same. There were 8 of us there: 5 doctors (a PCP, two Pediatricians, and 2 Neonatologists), 2 nurses, and myself. I don't think the Neo docs knew what to make of a Paramedic being there with them, but I think their perspective changed. They discovered that Paramedics actually know things. And they were really cool to be in the class with.

I enjoyed it. And I may see some of these people again elsewhere.

This fall, as re-certification is concerned, I have to do both ACLS and PALS before October 31st. I am going to actively look for classes over the next few weeks so that I don't get caught short. That would be bad. Plus, I also have to get my Paramedic refresher in this year so that I can re-certify and re-license. I'm going to do it online, and I found one that will satisfy both OEMS and the National Registry. Out of Greenfield Community College in western Massachusetts. It has gotten excellent reviews, and I know a couple of medics who did it and said it was time and money ($125) well spent. As I'm enrolled in it I will get to judge for myself and I will talk about it as time goes on.

Now it's back to watching racing. The second race just finished. Post Time for the third should be within the next 15 minutes.

Too bad I can't bet. I could clean up...

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Michael Morse said...

giddyup, Walt, amazing how much education is involved.