Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So Much To Do…

I have a lot going on between now and Friday. And that doesn’t include all of the stuff that continues to go on with my family.

First, I’m taking a brief break from studying. I have a lab practical Friday night that I’m preparing for. I know – the dreaded practical exam. Last semester I had so much trouble with the first one that I thought I would lose my mind, not to mention my temper. But I got through it. And I got through the one after that. So it remains that I will get through this one. Fortunately the material is stuff that I’m comfortable with; identifying the organs associated with the Endocrine system as well as the Cardiovascular system, blood vessels, and all manner of things related to blood typing and blood components. I think I will be okay as I did pretty well on both of the written exams I’ve taken on this material. But I am making sure I’m good-to-go so I don’t run into problems with it.

The other thing I have going on is over the next two Fridays. I am taking a course called Fundamental Critical Care Support, or FCCS for short. It’s a national curriculum, run by the Society of Critical Care Medicine, and I picked up the textbook so that I could read ahead. So far it is a rather intense read – lots of information that I am already familiar with, so at least it is a good review. I expect that the course will be as well.

For you that is reading this post, the question has probably crossed your mind as to why I am doing this.  The answer, to be said, is simple: I need the continuing education hours. In October of 2007 I went to the CCEMT-P course, and I wrote about the end of the training in this post. If you follow the dates back three weeks prior, you can read about the class itself and some of the material that was covered, the things we as a class did, the friends I made, and the travel. One of the requirements of keeping this credential is 36 hours of continuing education every three years. Up to now, for this credential I’ve done next to nothing, and I have to get this all done by the end of June so that I can send the renewal application to the University of Maryland at Baltimore, where the program and the credential originates from. The other reason I want the review is much simpler: it looks to be an excellent source of review just in itself.

I had originally planned to do this back in December, but I couldn’t make it work. It was too close to Christmas, for one, plus I was dealing with Anatomy and Physiology I at that time. It was simply more than I could piece together.

Now, at least I can sort of do it. Some pressure is off with my grand-baby’s arrival. However, we are dealing with a health problem that my Mom is experiencing that will require surgery to resolve. More on that another time.