Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Hand When Needed

Many people characterize Country-Western music as songs about trucks, drunks, and unfaithful relationships. Makes me think of the quote from “The Blues Brothers”: “We have both country and western!” But there is more than that.

The first time I heard the song in the video below was in 1998. I was going through some difficult times then, and I remember that it struck me how poignant it was. I think it is still poignant. And worth listening to.

My facebook status for today has part of this song’s refrain in it. As it turns out, I missed a line. The whole refrain is as follows:

Put your hand in mine

And I’ll be there anytime

When it feels like you could use a friend

I’ll be there to lift you up again

You can reach out to me anytime

So put your hand in mine


Susie Hemingway said...

Very pretty music Walt - really silly to say but it's SO American to my ears - but I do like it and I do like country music. I am a great fan of Ray Lamontagne, particulary the CD "Till The Sun Turns Black" which I play very often, probably for the wonderful use of words and story-like lines but great music too.I think you might like this style of music, takes some getting into but believe me it's good.
Have a good week

Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Walt, I LOVED this song! First time I'd heard it. You're right about our preconceptions of "country" music. Boy did I get an education about so many of these great artists and their wonderful music when my son came back here from living out in the heartland of Iowa and Illinois. I just had NO idea of how good so much of this music can be. Thanks for posting this warm piece of musical encouragement. Going to download it into my Music Library.