Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good Medicine In Bad Places

Medicina Bona Locis Malis”

These four Latin words are the motto of tactical and Special Operations medics the world over. In English, they are the title of this post.

Recently I was asked why my digital signature contains this phrase. After all, I am neither qualified as a SWAT medic or a Special Operations Combat Medic. I am simply a street medic with a strong interest in Critical Care medicine and a great deal of admiration for those in the TEMS and Special Operations communities who practice the kind of medicine that they do. Using this in my digital signature is a sign of respect for these folks.

At the same time, this is EMS week. The one time of the year where we as providers get to eat free food and drink free coffee and get free gifts from our employers as tokens of their appreciation for what we do.

While those of us in the business know that stuff like this is merely token, my personal feeling has always been that at least the effort is made. So while it’s okay to wish for more – and that includes things like pay raises, better equipment, and better working conditions – at least consider that employers do what they can, minimal as it may sometimes seem.

What is more important, at least in my mind, is that we appreciate the people we work with and others that are around us. Be thankful for good partners, good doctors, and hospital staff that make honest efforts to do right by our patients. Because the bottom line is doing what is best for our patients anyway, isn’t it?

Happy EMS Week.


Arif Ammar said...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
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Susie Hemingway said...

Happy EMS Week to you Walt, not that I need a special week to thank all of you for the wonderful work you all do year round.
I have in the past been so very grateful for our EMS here in the UK. Especially during the past four years and thankful for emergency treatment continued in the lane outside our home and then again on the journey to Lincoln. Without this speed to us -on more than one occasion - we live in a semi rural area and 20 miles from nearest hospital, such good treatment. I am very grateful. All very best wishes to you and for your continuing learning and skills.

Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Happy EMS week, Walt! I agree with Susie. Knowing up close and personal what all you do (but YOUR work takes you into far more dangerous situations than I ever experienced), I'm grateful for you and EMS providers EVERY day. Heck, places some of your calls take you, it's more dangerous than if you WERE SWAT etc. qualified...at least you'd have more safety equipment for yourselves! I really hope your employers do nice things for you in appreciation for your dedicated, committed service of compassionate, consistent excellence! Bravo!

Ellie said...

I agree Walt, getting cookies is nice, I guess. Missed EMS week this year, guess I'll get double cookies next year!