Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time Warp/Training Update

Good grief! I realized this morning that the last time I wrote was almost a week and a half ago. And I hate when that happens; it’s as though I indirectly lose touch with the rest of the world. But it isn’t as though I expect people who follow this blog to hang on every word or post that I publish; it’s not like that at all. Rather it is more of a need I have to make certain that I don’t make myself disappear. I’m certainly not ready for that by any stretch.

Training for the Komen 3-Day isn’t going quite as well as I would have liked. I’m somewhat behind schedule. But I’m working on getting back on track, as is Martha. At least she has a legitimate excuse; she’s been fighting with a terrible sinus infection that hasn’t let up. She’s on either round two or three of anti-biotics; I’ve lost track. It’s really caused a lot of trouble for her, and she’s working on getting better so that she can resume training.

I don’t have that excuse. I wish I did, then I could justify being a slacker. But I can’t. So I have to get back on the stick.

The other thing that I’ve got to get busy with is fund-raising. I need to raise $2,300.00 and so far I think I’ve raised $70. That’s a problem that needs to be addressed as well, and I’m going active with that.

There have been people who have donated to my effort (for those of you who have, thank you!!) including a couple of my friends from the United Kingdom, most notably my friends Susie and Sian. And if they are willing to contribute (especially Susie; if you read posts from her blog you will see that she and her husband Hamada have their hands full with their own issues related to illness) then why can’t some of you?

I will admit it: I’m getting close to begging at this point. And I’ll say again that what I’m looking for is pretty simple. If 230 people are willing to donate $10 to my effort, then I’ll be done and I won’t have to ask again. And it’s easy to do; at the top of this page just under the by-line is a widget that connects to my contribution page on the 3-Day web site. Simply click on it and make a donation.

If you can’t afford $10, that’s fine; I’ll take whatever I can get. And again – if you have already made a contribution, thank you ever so much.

I will do a better job of updating my efforts here. If I can figure it out I’ll find a way to send blog posts to my page at the Komen web site and reflect it here. I’m not quite sure how to do that just yet, but I’ll get there.

In advance I’ll thank you all for your help. And when the walk happens I will make you all proud.


Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Walt, you make us proud EVERY day :-) We (PJ & I) just made a donation for a bit more than $10.00 each [in one donation]. We wish we could give more, but your know our situation. Know that you and Martha are in our prayers (especially that M get over this vicious bug! yikes).

Karen Brook Westhaver said...

And about gaps in posting? Family, work, school and bunches of life woven through all that, and maybe some rest once and a while come first, IMHO :-) Said also as another who has been having huge gaps in blog posts. Yes, your posts are missed, but you've got tons of LIFE going on! This is my reason for big gaps in postings as well. Lots of "life" of all kinds happening + exhaustion = less writing. That's my personal (ahem) excuse reason. Your readers would be wanting you to get some enjoyment first, writing somewhere after that :-)

Michael Morse said...

make that 228 people donating $10.00. God luck Walt, and thanks for doing this

Walt Trachim said...

Thank you both! In fact, I think you both may have gotten the thank-you note that I sent out a little while ago. And I updated my personal page with some background as to "why..."