Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Classic Mismatch

Yesterday I responded to a motor vehicle accident, a truck versus a motorcycle. And – guess who won?

I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t the motorcycle.

A panel truck was driving along one of Newton’s major roads at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. Following behind was a motorcycle. Its operator was fully outfitted in a helmet and leather protective gear. The way I heard the story the driver of the truck was originally planning to make a left turn. The motorcyclist went around to the right and was planning to pass on the right when the truck driver decided he also needed to go right, causing the motorcycle to suddenly find itself under the truck and the driver with a transmission on his chest.

The first due crews were on scene within 6 minutes of the accident. This included two fire companies with a chief officer and an ALS ambulance. A second ambulance arrived at the 9 minute mark and I arrived on scene two minutes after that.

The patient, a 36 year-old male, had some critical injuries including a fractured humerus and what I suspect were thoracic injuries; considering that he had a truck on him when the first crew arrived that wouldn’t surprise me in the least. He was, however, alert and oriented when I got to the ambulance. The crew working on him included both of the medics on the first truck and one of the medics from the second truck. I ended up driving the ambulance, beaching my vehicle in the process at the scene, which was still being investigated when we returned to get me back into it.

That mismatch was one of four calls I went to yesterday during the tour. It made for a hectic day. And considering the disparity between the truck and the bike, I think the word “mismatch” is appropriate.

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