Friday, December 17, 2010

Settling Down


I actually am at a point where I can settle down and take a deep breath. That, actually, is a good feeling.

This past Monday I took the final exam for the Chemistry class I was in. It was a challenge, but I think I got through it relatively unscathed. At some point in the next two to three weeks I’m going to get registered for the next semester, which means a second semester of Chemistry and one other course, most likely Psychology, based on the schedule published by the University. At least that’s what I have in mind.

Later today I’m going Christmas shopping. It will be the first opportunity I’ve had since the start of the holiday rush. For some reason, though, I’m not as worried about it as I probably should be. Maybe it’s because I have a list.

I’m nearing the end of an overnight tour in Goffstown as I write this post. It was busier than I would personally have liked, but you can’t pick and choose the calls that come in. We went out earlier this morning to the college for a 21 year-old female dealing with complications associated with Mononucleosis. She was complaining of abdominal and flank pain and dealing with persistent weakness. Except she didn’t call for help – her friends did. And initially she was pretty unhappy with them for doing so, but in my view it was a good thing that she did. She didn’t want to be transported by us – in fact, initially she didn’t want to go. And she didn’t go with us, as much as I would have liked. But she at least did go to the hospital to be evaluated.

Personally, I would have preferred to transport her. My concern is that she has some inflammation of her spleen. If that’s indeed the case, the suspicion of internal bleeding exists and certainly needs to be managed.

In about 15 minutes I’ll be released and can go home. Since I’ve only gotten a few hours of sleep over the past two days, I’m going to go take a nap before I do my running around. At least that is the plan. We’ll see if it comes together.

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