Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finally – Nice Weather!

It took long enough for it to show up, and I am happy to see it.

We actually have sun, some clouds, and dry air. My joints don’t hurt for the first time in almost two weeks, and I can breathe. That says a lot. I am pretty tired, though; I haven’t slept well for the past week, and I suspect the bad weather we had is maybe partially responsible. Perhaps this signals a change in my ability to get a good night of sleep. That will not happen tonight, though, as I’m working.

Grades haven’t posted yet. I’m still waiting on the results of the past semester. More on those when I know how things went.

At least for the time being I am working with partner du jour on Wednesdays. Today’s is Jeff, a reasonably well-experienced Paramedic with a good sense of humor and a decent attitude. That is nice. And today is the first time in over a month (I think this is either six or seven weeks, in fact) that I actually got to put my hands on patients. Because I’ve been training new people, it’s been tough to not step in and do things, but I’ve had to refrain, and I’ve had to provide constructive criticism and pointers on how to do the job better, etc. That is always a learning experience for me, just because there are always new ways of getting that sort of information across to someone who is being precepted. But it is nice to have a break. And it is always good to do what is the real work in this business, that of providing care for the sick and injured.

I got a call from the duty supervisor today. We’re supposedly going to be getting a visit from the Indian ambassador to the United States during the course of the day. Apparently he’s doing a healthcare tour in Boston, and we’re on the list of places he may visit. I don’t know if it will happen or not, but I think it’s interesting that he’d be brought to a Firehouse to see ambulances and meet crews. Maybe there is more to it than that, but I’m not sure it’s much more than a dog-and-pony show. If it amounts to anything I’ll talk about it here.

On an end note, I am working on putting my textbooks in a format that I can back them up in more easily. Right now I can open them and read them electronically, but I’m not sure what will happen when the subscriptions expire. So I figure that by doing this I at least am saving the content in the event that they become unavailable. It is just labor intensive. But that’s okay; it should be worth it.

Now – back to enjoying what is turning out to be a really good day.

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