Monday, May 23, 2011

A Non-Titled Post

The only reason I used that as a title is because I can’t think of one. At least not yet. If I do, then I’ll change it. And I’ll probably leave this in just because.

All things considered it was a pretty good weekend. I took Saturday off from work, which is an incredibly rare thing for me to do. Martha had an event Friday night – bowling for charity – that she signed up us for. It was a lot of fun, but for the past three days I have been sore everywhere. With luck, a trip to the gym will loosen me up enough so that I can function. At this function I won a gift basket full of Italian specialty items, mostly foods, demitasse, two bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling water (great stuff), a bottle of Chianti which I am looking forward to opening, John Grisham’s novel “The Broker” (I am a Grisham fan), a couple of movies on DVD, and a CD entitled “Mob Hits”, which is music from various movies with the Mafia/Mob theme (“Goodfellas”, “The Godfather” series, etc.). The basket is sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be unloaded and homes found for all of the items inside.

Saturday we spent the day in Boston, mostly killing time because Jon, my son, flew in from London after being away since January. While we were in the city, we did a few things. We went to the Gardiner Museum, which I drive by all the time and have never, ever been to. It is located within walking distance of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, and it has an incredible collection of items that Isabella Stewart Gardiner collected over a period of approximately 40 years. The museum was also the sight of a tragedy: in 1990, thieves disguised as police officers stole a number of items that have not been returned as of yet. The empty frames are still present on the walls where the items had been. And security in the museum is everywhere. But there is construction being done on a new wing as well as refurbishment of parts of the existing museum. I would really like to go back and see what it looks like when the work is complete.

We also spent time wandering around like tourists, mostly at Quincy Market and Downtown Crossing. It is funny doing something like that because I am in and out of the city all the time, mostly with patients or dealing with various people from hospitals or other agencies, and I don’t get to see things from the perspective of a normal bystander. And it was interesting.

At the same time, Urban Shield, an anti-terrorist, anti-threat exercise went on for 24 hours over the weekend. If I had been working I would have been an active participant. But I wasn’t aware of it until Friday, and I had the time off scheduled well in advance. I’m told it was busy. Beyond that, I don’t know too much about how it went.

I am trying to get my act together for the day, and I have a lot to do. One of the things I need to work on is getting my stuff together for the admission application I’m submitting. I have two of three letters of reference in my possession; both the manager I work for and the COO were gracious in writing them for me. Now I’m waiting for a letter from the chief of the Fire Department I work for. I should have that soon. I also need to make arrangements for official transcripts to be sent and I need copies of my resume and my DD-214 (my record of discharge from the US armed forces), as well as other documentation. It’s almost all together, so I just need to package it. That will be this week.

For nothing to say, I think I said more than I planned. With any luck, I’ll be able to write about more over the near future. At least I’ll keep making the effort.

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