Thursday, February 14, 2013

At Post

Working today in Boston.

Since the spring semester started I haven't had much time to do anything except for study and work. Those are the main reasons why I haven't posted anything for a considerable amount of time. That said, I actually had a minute to put up something - anything - to at least show myself. I am still out here, and as Mark Twain said (I'm paraphrasing, and at least I think it was him that said this), the reports of my death are highly exaggerated...

The course load is different this semester. I didn't expect Genetics to have a significant Mathematics content, but I should have. Because of this I have to think out of this box more than I expected. The sets of problems are computationally intensive, plus it is a whole different focus. Much narrower. Adjusting how I approach the content is challenging. But I am doing my best. Pathogenic Microbiology has its own set of difficulties, mostly due to how content is delivered. It isn't ideal - the people involved in teaching are in Durham and the content is on line. And I'm behind the 8 ball in terms of being current. But I'm getting close to being caught up and I'm pretty confident that I will be soon. And Chinese? Well, it is more of the same, just being taught at higher speed.

All in all, I'm doing reasonably well. I'm constantly working, and this is necessary but I have no problem with that. It is to be expected.

Another post will follow in the next couple of days. This is being done from a touch screen keyboard, and I'd much rather type on a conventional keyboard. And that is where the next one will come from.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am speechless with awe and admiration at your achievements ......well done !