Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Solving Problems

Lots of that going on. Nothing major, at least in the big picture. Work is work. Life goes on. And I fluctuate between fatigue and insomnia, with a little bit of anxiety thrown in from time to time to make things interesting.

Currently I'm working on financing PA school. I got a letter yesterday detailing financial aid that I've been awarded. The initial award covers about half of the tuition. I've started looking at some other sources as well, including other loans and grants. The shortfall that I need to cover for the first year, including other expenses, is approximately $30,000.00. Money is out there; it simply needs to be located.

Work is also an ongoing saga. It doesn't matter what day it is; there is always something that complicates any given day. Mostly issues related to dealing with difficult employees or complaints from patients make up the content I am faced with. When I'm working on a truck, the issues are not nearly as tedious; treating and transporting patients is much easier than managing operations. But I chose to do the management aspect of the job so I shouldn't complain.

A couple of weeks ago the fatigue factor caught up with me, albeit briefly. On an evening out with my wife I got sick. I didn't get sick to my stomach, but I broke out into a cold sweat was really uncomfortable. And I did have some nausea, so when we got home I treated it and went to bed. The twelve-plus hours I slept were needed; I didn't move much during the whole night as evidenced by the neatness of the sheets and blanket. And I felt much better. I've had episodes like that before, but not in a long time. When they do happen, however, I know it's time to shut down for a bit.

Doing a little more of that would probably be helpful. And would go a long way towards solving one of the biggest issues I am dealing with: that low-level tiredness that seems to hang on no matter what.

For now? Time to get ready for work. And it is another day...


TOTWTYTR said...

Not that this will help you now, but that constant fatigue does go away. Unfortunately it takes getting out of EMS and assuming a "normal" life style.

It's the schedule, the work load, the mental stress, and everything else in EMS that causes it.

I've lost count of the number of people, including ex co-workers, who tell me how much more cheerful I am now.

As I said, it won't help you right now, but it's something to think about.

Good luck with school.

Christin said...

This is great!