Tuesday, September 03, 2013

On Being A Grandparent

Peyton is my grand-daughter. She is three years old, and she is full of life. And I am so proud of her.

I have to say, however, that I wasn't initially prepared for the experience. But it really is rewarding to watch her grow up. When my kids were her age, I was happy to watch them grow and change as well, but this is a little bit different. First, she isn't my child; she is my child's child. Not my responsibility, but I feel just as strongly responsible for her as I did for my kids at her age, mainly because she and her mother, my daughter Kerry, both live with us. And both Martha and me have taken an active role in helping Kerry raise her.

We're okay with that.

She is also extremely intelligent. Scarily so, in fact. She is articulate, and she is not afraid to speak her mind. It is not a problem understanding what she says because she knows precisely how to let us know what she's saying. And sometimes she can be bossy; there have been more than a couple of instances where she has told me where to go, in a manner of speaking. It is all I can do to not laugh hysterically.

When she was really little - I think she was 8 months old - she accidentally got into some medication that belonged to a house guest we had. It was medication for treatment of hypertension, and some of the tablets had gotten spilled. Not all of them, however, got picked up off of the floor under our kitchen table. And Peyton managed to find the one that got left behind. It required a trip to the Emergency Room by ambulance. I ended up being the Paramedic responsible for her care on the way to the hospital. When she got there a dose of activated charcoal got administered. It is a good thing that she would eat anything; the charcoal went down smoothly in a baby bottle. I was a little surprised at her not fussing about it, but I'm glad she didn't. And she did okay; the charcoal got in quickly enough that she got through the episode fine.

She has had some other medical issues, though. She had her tonsils removed not long after her third birthday. And she's had trouble with Pneumonia, causing a hospital stay for one of them. However, she has gotten through these challenges, and she is stronger.

Overall she is a happy, healthy little girl. And I am a proud grandparent.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Indeed you are, Walt, and rightly so.

I am looking forward to being a grandmother in due course, though it will be long-distance grand-parenting to any Coloradan grandchildren that may arrive.....