Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Hands Free

I'm trying something new. Rather than use a keyboard, I'm going to compose this with my voice rather than with my fingers. My new phone has hands free capability. My old phone did as well, but I never used it because I didn't think I could. Also, I didn't realize the phone had it until it finally died. 

The only thing that I'm having trouble figuring out is how to insert carriage returns or extra spaces or any specific punctuation. I know that if I say certain words like the word "period" or "comma" they will insert automatically. However, I don't know how to plug in other types of punctuation or anything that is special in terms of text. But I'll figure that out as I go.

Between insanity at work and being sick, it's been a rather interesting week. This past saturday wound up being a 20 hour work day. It was mostly do to a lot of volume, but there was a very interesting call that came in from overseas involving a child, a stressed out international medical team, and a big time crunch. That ended up keeping me busy for a lot longer than I planned. In the end, however, it worked out just fine. But it did take a lot out of me. Plus, there were internal shenanigans at the end of the tour that kept me on the clock for about three hours extra. By the time I left it was almost exactly 3:00AM. That made my day twenty hours long instead of the normal sixteen.

On Sunday and yesterday Martha and I were dealing with either an intestinal bug or we ate some bad food. I suspect the former semi colon if it were bad food I believe we both would have had similar symptoms but they were just a bit different. And I was able to go to work yesterday. Martha stayed home and slept because she really needed it.

As I compose this post I am multi-tasking. I'm working on household chores. That means doing dishes , laundry, and the general pick up of household that has a small child living in it. And that work seems to never end as the girl is a four year old tornado. Because she is such a lovable child, though, I overlook a lot. That's tough for me to do because I am somewhat obsessive-compulsive, and seeing anything out of order makes me insane. But I really work at understanding that she is learning about how to avoid entropy in her own time. And hopefully she'll be a lot more casual about it than I am.

Tonight is an overnight shift in the emergency department.  Considering how things are, I'm sure it will not be boring. And I have no doubt I'm right about that. As for the hands free writing, I got about three quarters through. The last couple of paragraph so are typed. Not perfect, but it's something new to learn how to fo. It will get easier over time.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Hopefully you are by now both feeling much better....

Well done for battling technology and succeeding - more than I can do :-)