Friday, April 04, 2014

A New Toy

I had to replace my phone. I was having trouble with applications crashing regularly and with the phone running out of memory. It was starting to become a real issue as this is how most people I know contact me. Plus I wasn't due for an upgrade until October.

Last night Martha surprised me with a new phone. A Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I had an idea she was getting it for me but I wasn't entirely sure. But she showed up at work last night with a Verizon bag in her hands. In the bag was the phone. The tech at the store got the number activated but left the rest for me. I was absolutely fine with that because I am somewhat particular about how I wanted it configured.  I have it mostly the way I want it now. With a bit more fine tuning I should be good to go.

As I already have a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet as well this will be a solid complement to that. I really like Samsung products; they are well designed and very friendly, not to mention powerful. So far I'm very happy with it. And today I put the phone in an Otter Box Defender case as well as a screen protector. This should support the phone quite completely.

This post is coming from the phone, in fact. It is proving to be very easy to write. And I expect to be able to do this more frequently now that I have such a good tool for the job when I'm out and about.

For now, I'm going to recuperate from some long work days before it starts again tomorrow.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a lovely thought! Enjoy the phone and your well-earned rest, Walt!