Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hanging Out

I'm in the EMS room at the Beth Israel in Boston as I write this. Not a terrible day so far - one call, an abdominal pain patient going to one of the med-surg floors across the street. She has Levaquin running, plus she got a considerable amount of pain medication prior to being transported. She was pretty sleepy, and my partner was wondering whether or not he'd have to reverse the meds. I don't know whether or not they'll do it on the floor, but she's likely going to have her gall bladder removed as her symptoms are consistent with cholecystitis.

I had a similar patient Tuesday night in Goffstown - abdominal pain and vomiting for a day and a half before calling for help. The pain pattern was nearly identical. She got Zofran for nausea/vomiting and Toradol (by doc's order, of course) for pain. She was still puking when we arrived, but her pain wasn't as bad. Not a bad call - she went to the OR not long after we brought her in.

More later on - this is turning out to be a busy day in town.

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