Monday, December 01, 2008

Number 300

This is my 300th post!

I can't believe it - I've actually gotten on this soapbox 299 times before now to write about things that either mean a lot to me or to other people, or to talk about absolute nonsense.

In any case, I thank all of you who follow this blog from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all of your feedback; often I learn from what you share with me, and that is a gift I am truly thankful for. Many of you have been supportive of me since I've been sidelined; you all have made the days I've been stuck in my recliner better than just tolerable, and I am extremely appreciative of all of your kind words and thoughts.

The stream of consciousness will certainly continue. As always, I will find things to talk about, to share, to ruminate over, and to hopefully continue to provoke thought. And I hope that those of you who take the time to look at what I have to say will continue to provide commentary of your own. In my opinion, that is the best part of this experience as it makes for some incredible discussion. And sometimes it goes a long way towards making good things happen.

What I especially look forward to, in all honesty, is going back to work and being able to talk about my experiences on the job. While I know that won't happen for a while, when it does it will allow me to do what I originally intended to do when I started this adventure. It is what many of us who are in our business (whether you're a EMT or Paramedic, a Firefighter, a Police Officer, or a Soldier) do this for: to share our common experience and to let the rest of the world know what it is like to have the experiences we all have. Until that time, however, I will continue to talk about the things that I see that I think are important, to report on the progress of my recovery and rehab, and to occasionally share things that are noteworthy or even downright silly.

But I will continue to do this. And I will continue to have fun along the way.


Ted said...

The obligatory comment:




Ellie said...

Congrats, Walt. Keep up the blogging! Hope the healing process is, well, progressing-

Walt Trachim said...

Thank you, Ellie. It is -just more slowly than I would like

Ted: thank you. I actually almost put that video clip up but then I though, "that would be TOO campy of me, wouldn't it?" :)