Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Words Of Hope

The following is an excerpt of the annual Christmas letter that the Principal of my daughter's school sends. An eloquent speaker and writer, he is mostly always dead on with whatever message he is conveying. This year, I think, he is even more on target with what he says. So when I read this year's letter, I thought it was worth sharing.

Thanks to Denis Mailloux for allowing me to share the following:

As we prepare for Christmas Break, we remember and relive the birth of a seemingly insignificant child in the poorest of circumstances at a time when hope was all too rare. We remember, too, the three who followed a single star in search of the one to whom they were to pay homage – this tiny “King of Kings!” In the birth of this tiny one lay the hope for redemption and resurrection – a rebirth for all who seek Him.

This year, that message of hope and salvation comes at a time when it may be difficult to put aside the fears of the world and the sadness which has gripped our school with the passing of our dear, dear friend and colleague, Cindy Raczka. Now more than ever, we need Christmas. We need to find the star and follow it. We need to live in the faith and spirit of the Magi and recognize that we are rich beyond measure.

I propose we stop watching the news channels which pummel us over and over again with screaming headlines of war and economic downturns. Let’s gather with friends and family, load up those Christmas DVD’s and CD’s, celebrate the Birth of Our Lord in our churches, and leave behind anything but the hope of new life.

I know that for my family, we have all “toned down” the Christmas shopping this year. Interestingly, everyone seems relieved that they don’t have to focus so much on fighting crowds for gifts that are often superfluous. Everyone seems to be looking forward more than ever to Christmas Day and a chance to share our time together. The economy is bad, but Christmas shines on like the star that led the Magi. Let’s follow it!


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