Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I know I’ve talked a lot in this blog about applying for nursing school after getting my pre-requisites done. And I’ve done a lot of work already, at least in terms of what I have to have done so that I can actually put an application together. But – sometimes things happen that can push us in directions we didn’t expect to head in. This was especially true for me this past week.

Martha and I were talking over the weekend about this and what it would take to get to where we want me to be. And it occurred to me that nursing wasn’t really what I had in mind all along. When we talked about it before, I was on board with the idea of doing something with nursing, preferably in terms of advanced practice. But I’d always wanted something different. Not because I didn’t have interest in nursing per se, but I’ve always had an interest in medicine.

It is a little different; nursing practice compared to medical practice, while ultimately directed and care for the sick and injured, has a different sort of take out of the nursing realm. And Paramedics have this different view. Much of what we do is narrower in scope that what nurses do, admittedly, but the things that we do have incredible impact. And to this day I am all over that.

Nothing makes me feel like I did the right thing than seeing what happens when interventions I perform actually make a positive difference in someone’s life, health, and well-being. And I don’t think I’ll ever lose that feeling.

With that said, and no disrespect intended toward nursing, I changed my mind about what I want to pursue. I decided to go back to what I wanted to do in the first place.

I’ve decided to apply to PA school instead. Granted, it will take me a little longer to get the pre-requisite course I need done, but I’ll just do it. I figure I’ve had to handle worse things. And, as I mentioned, it is what I wanted to do initially. And had I known how much I like what I do and have aptitude for it, I would have gotten into the healthcare profession much sooner. And I would have probably attempted to get into medical school instead.

While PA school isn’t medical school, it’s close. And I’ll be able to do a fair amount as a PA, plus I still plan to keep my medic credentials.

And as I write this, I’m taking a break from studying for a practical final that’s coming up this Friday. So we’ll get that done, too.

More later.


Leigh said...

Walt, Here's something you may want to think about...

PAs are not recognized as licensed independent practitioners (LIP) in NH whereas nurse practitioners are LIP's.

CMS has different regulations governing LIPs versus dependent practitioners.

So, if you want to practice independently, you may want to go the nurse practitioner route. PAs and NPs are allowed to do the same types of things and you don't ever have to lose your medic license.

Just something to think about....


Walt Trachim said...

I know, and I'm aware of the differences. And to my knowledge, PA's aren't independent practitioners anywhere.

I guess the reason I've been interested in practicing as a PA is that even though PA's are not independent providers they do have options that NP's don't have available to them. I imagine that will probably change somewhat in then future, though, but for now it is what it is.

Either way I don't intend to lose my EMS provider license. I worked too hard to earn it.

And I appreciate your input, Leigh.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That sounds like a heap of hard work, but immensely rewarding, Walt. Good luck !

Leigh said...

I wish you the best of luck Walt! Please keep us posted on your progress. :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful profession! A good friend of mine went to Emory University in Atlanta. It was an arduous course but he prevailed and now works in the profession. Loves it! Works for a surgeon and does the “sewing” after surgery. He earns a good income too. Hope it works out for you. He tells me some programs are better than others so you have to be sure to get into a good one. What schools offer this up in your area?

TOTWTYTR said...

Good luck. You've got a bit of journey ahead of you, but I'm sure you'll stick with it.

Karen Brook Westhaver said...

You SO have the aptitude and abilities for this, Walt. In my experience I've experienced many PA's to have been far better than docs diagnostically, more thorough and keener skills with interventions. A different and more focused approach. YAY! This is so YOU!!! :-)

Susie Hemingway said...

We just want to wish you well with whatever you choose. It all sounds like tons of hard work but then how rewarding to be able to do the job that motivates you most.It really is something I admire most, to be able to help someone in their hour of need. What in this world could be finer. Our very best wishes Walt.